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Our LITTLE story

In July 2007, during a cold Melbourne winter,  Mother and Son Team (Sati and Ameet) set out to create authentic curry sauces and pastes for others to enjoy. With wonderful Australian ingredients and  no shortage of cooking secrets from generations of family past, they found their cooking DNA.

Ameet's Homestyle was born.

The delicious and stress free curries were introduced through Farmer's Markets, festivals and small independent shops in Victoria.

The range has been expanded over the years from customer feedback and market demand. 

There is something for everyone, whether you prefer mild or spice, vegan or meat eater there is something in our range that you can make, eat and love. 

All our sauces and pastes are powered by our food DNA, called Mamaji's masala.

In 2017 Ameet's Homestyle expanded into a new production facility and began the creation of the Mamaji's brand. Part of this expansion was to focus on creating a premier Vegan sauce.


The new Vegan Budda Kicken (Aint' no butter, ain't no chicken) launched in  June 2018 giving Vegan and lactose intolerant foodies a Butter Chicken they can enjoy.

Mamaji's continues to grow in Australia from a history of wonderful recipes, great Australian produce and  passion for easy-to-make stress free meals.

Make it Easy. Make it Mamaji's!

Mamaji's Team

Sati and Ninda _ Big Vegan Market Melbourne, 2019

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